RS CTI-CFF Visits CTI COM and NCC Philippines

The Regional Secretariat of CTI-CFF pays a courtesy visit to newly elected CTI COM Chair, Hon. Regina L. Lopez of the Philippines, Lopez replaces the former CTI-COM Chair, Hon. John Pundari MP of Papua New Guinea.


The visit becomes so important as CTI COM has several functions asthe principal decision-making body of the CTI-CFF, responsible for maintaining the CTI-CFF vision and promoting regional priorities, and considering, approving or disapproving the decisions of the CTI Committee of Senior Officials (CTI CSO) on proposals, recommendations, plans, programs, projects and activities of the Regional Secretariat, among other functions.


During the visit, several agendas were discussed i.e. Deputy Executive Director appointment; Confirmation of the 13th Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) in the Philippines; The role and participation of the Philippines in the CTI-CFF activities; UN (United Nation) recognition to CTI-CFF on its role as one of Expert Group Meeting members for a High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development; New cooperation engagements with various organizations and bodies on conservation and fisheries i.e.  SEAFDEC, SPREP, GIZ, PEMSEA, GIZ for Sulu Sulawesi Seas Programme (used to be SSME), CMAR (Corridor Marine Region). 

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