Financial Resources Working Group


Mr. Anang Noegroho

Director of Fisheries and Marine,

Regional Secretariat GWG and CCT Senior Manager

Jasmin Mohd Saad

Governance Working Group and Cross-Cutting Themes
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General Description of FRWG

The establishment of the Financial Resources Working Group (FRWG) was first mooted in the 2nd Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM-2) in 2008 which was hosted by the Government of Philippines. Its main task was to analyse relevant information, conduct preliminary assessments & feasibility studies, and develop financial management tools. This working group were led by Indonesia, and has been so since then. The FRWG are guided by the Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) in Section V on Financial Resources for CTI-CFF to establish a realistic, workable and sustainable financial architecture. Over the years, activities of the FRWG are geared to achieve this target2.

By the 10th Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-10), several critical recommendations were made based on the results of several FRWG meetings working towards the development of a financial architecture.

Those recommendations were:

  1. Tasked the FRWG to work with the necessary experts in developing the structure and mechanism of the CTI-CFF Fund or Special Fund in the form of trust or other types of fund as discussed in the Situational Assessment Report for review by the CTI Committee of Senior Officials at its 11th Meeting in 2015;
  2. Endorsed the establishment of the CTI-CFF Business Development Unit (BDU) to coordinate initiatives and efforts in financial resources and business development, and that it is initiated upon agreement of the terms of reference by the FRWG, with progress to be reported to the CTI Committee of Senior Officials at its 11th Meeting in 2015;
  3. Acknowledged the Stock-take of CTI-CFF Programs and Projects Final Report and recommend that CTI project pipeline for future investments be guided by the recommendations contained therein; and
  4. Tasked the FRWG to draft its terms of reference for review by CTI Committee of Senior Officials at its 11th Senior Officials’ Meeting in 2015.

The Final Report of the CTI Financial Architecture Study was adopted at the 11th Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-11) in 2015; followed by recommendations in the following 12th Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-12) for Member Parties and the Regional Secretariat to work on; such as the setting up of a Project Preparation Facility (previously known as the “Business Development Unit”) upon the appointment of the Project Initiation Specialist (PIS); establishment of the CTI Regional Fund upon completion of all Member Parties’ National Plan of Actions (NPOAs); and to further pursue other sources of funds to implement the Regional Plan of Action (RPOA).

2Please refer to Annex 2.a for the historical journey of the FRWG and its activities

What's new & Notifications

27th November 2017; Manila, PHILIPPINES

FRWG Pre-SOM Meeting

29th November 2017; Manila, PHILIPPINES

13th Senior Officials’ Meeting

Past & Upcoming Meetings

# Date Location Meeting Title Meeting Documents
1 2-3 December 2015 Manado, INDONESIA 11th Senior Officials’ Meeting
2 1-2 November 2016 Port Moresby, PAPUA NEW GUINEA 12th Senior Officials’ Meeting
3 29 March 2017 Manila, PHILIPPINES Financial Resources Working Group Meeting


  • Work with Coordination Mechanism Working Group (CMWG) and CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat to implement the recommendations set-out in the Final Report of the CTI Financial Architecture Study which was adopted in SOM-11.