Congratulation to the Newly Born CTI-CFF University Partnership!

02 March 2017
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Andie Wibianto

The 2-day convention of "The 1st CTI-CFF University Partnership Meeting" has generated positive outputs for the future of capacity building, research and outreach activities under the partnership.  The meeting took place at at CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat, Manado, from February 28 – March 1, 2017.  


One of the important decisions made is the appointment of CTI-CFF University Partnership Coordinator, Professor Grevo Gerung of University of Sam Ratulangi (Unsrat), Manado.  Prof Gerung will establish a close communication and coordination with the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat and National Coordinating Committee (NCC) of CTI-CFF Member States. His tenure will last for 3 (three) years.   


During a 12-session meeting, participants from both Universities and NCCs exchange valuable inputs and experiences in formulating the most suitable format of the partnership. Some of them include acknowledgement and adoption of three (3) proposed actions namely Capacity Building, Research and Outreach to be main foci of CTI-CFF University Partnership. Acknowledged the important role of CTI-CFF Centre of Excellence (CoE) with a view of collective efforts to support of RPOA through pragmatic approaches on research, capacity building and outreach.


The forum also Agreed to formulate the criteria along with the timeline of the three (3) proposed actions (i.e. capacity building, research, and outreach) in order to implement in tangible manners. It also agreed to have set of guidelines of CTI-CFF CoE along with identification the needs of CoE and potential programs/activities.


Last but least, tasked the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat to seek funding opportunities and facilitate possible join collaborative efforts to support programs under the framework of CTI-CFF University Partnership.


The participants also agreed to have another similar meeting next year (time and place to be discussed).


Congratulation to the newly born CTI-CFF University Partnership!