USAID-USDOI/ITAP Workshop on USAID Rules & Regulations, Quarterly Report, and Presentation Skills

27 October 2017
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Medy Kesuma Putra

MANADO, Indonesia – The CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat (RS) and the U.S. Department of Interior´s International Technical Assistance Program (USDOI‐ITAP) organized a 5-days training on organizational capacity and system from 23-27 October 2017 at the CTI-CFF Headquarters, Manado, Indonesia.

The training was part of program assistance from the United States Government through the USAID Regional Development Mission Asia (RDMA) to support Coral Triangle countries’ on marine fisheries sustainability. More importantly, it was also aimed to improve the Regional Secretariat organization system to provide better services for the Coral Triangle member parties.

The DOI-ITAP team led by Peter Fricke, Project Manager, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior, along with Ms. Susan Boring, Regional Transportation Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, and Ms. Kristina Bliss, Agreements Officer, U.S. National Park Service provided capacity training for the Regional Secretariat staffs. Key training focus included: a review of internal controls, policies, and procedures for program and project planning, responsible utilization of Central Federal funds, finalization on the quarterly report and guide for future reporting, as well as presentation and facilitation skills.

“I think this type of event is the right one to support the Regional Secretariat in strengthening the capacity to fulfill its role as the central of organization body for CTI,” said Mr. Fricke.

I really enjoyed coming here and interacting with the staffs of CTI-CFF RS. I am extremely optimistic about the RS capacity to not only carry out the work-plan planned with DOI but to do work with other partners professionally,” added Mr. Fricke.

Additionally, Susan Boring, one of the USDOI trainers commented: “This is my third time in the last year and half to help facilitate the trainings at the Secretariat, and, since the first time we came here, RS staffs have managed to put in place policies and procedures and better ideas on how to manage the fund effectively.”

“The RS team works effectively together – We were really impressed with the level of attentiveness that the RS staffs showed. We learn a lot from each other,” added Ms. Kristina Bliss.

Mr. Fricke also said, the fact that these six Coral Triangle countries manage the most diverse areas in marine biodiversity which have a direct impact to the rest of the world – it is obvious that they receive more international support. In order to have that, the Development Partners such as the US Government, Australian Government, and others need evidence that Regional Secretariat is a professional organization and this first of event really shows that – I am really impressed and already seen the incredible progress”, added Mr. Fricke.

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Written by Kirana Agustina

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