Document Date: 17 November 2016
Author: Regional Secretariat

Following a decision under point 11. Reports on Governance Working Groups (Annex 11) under point 11.1.4 Coordination Mechanism Woring Group (CMWG) of The Chairman Summary as the following:

Document Date: 08 December 2015
Author: Andie Wibianto

As part of the its commitment to host the CTI-CFF as well as its commitment to support coral reefs conservation areas that have the highest marine biodiversity in the world, the Governm

Document Date: 05 January 2016
Author: CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat

A matrix of tentative activities for 2015-2016 proposed by Regional Secretariat at the 11th CTI-CFF SOM in Manado, 2-3 December 2015.