Collaboration: Goals and Commitments to Action

A key element of the CTI-CFF is the set of goals and commitments to action that are undertaken by the member countries. The topics addressed by these goals and commitments  form an important portion of CTI-CFF's areas for collaboration.

Collaborative Activities Related to the RPOA Goals and Commitments:     Related Materials:  

The CTI-CFF's Regional Plan of Action (RPOA) sets out the goals and commitments to action. The box at right provides more detail.

Use the links below to access the collaborative groups and workspaces related to the RPOA Goals and Commitments:


Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM)

Marine Protected Areas

Climate Change Adaptation

Threatened Species

Cross Cutting Themes (EBM, Capacity Development)





CTI-CFF Regional Plan of Action (RPOA)

RPOA Goal 1: Seascapes

RPOA Goal 2: Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management

RPOA Goal 3: Marine Protected Areas

RPOA Goal 4: Climate Change Adaptation

RPOA Goal 5: Threatened Species

Regional Priority Actions Workshop Report