CTI-Solomon Islands’ Key Partner in MPA Development Granted Charitable Trust Status

13 February 2014
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The Solomon Islands Locally Managed Marine Areas Network (SILMMA) was recently registered as a charitable trust.

SILMMA is a partnership of marine resource organizations, both government and non-government (NGOs and community groups), that have joined together to ensure effective management of marine resources in Solomon Islands. It is a key mechanism for marine protection in Solomon Islands and the main resource for the Solomon Islands CTI-CFF National Coordinating Committee (NCC) on the nomination of sites to the Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System (CTMPAS).

SILMMA’s new charitable trust status will give the organization access to funds from various donors, said Mr Peter H Kenilorea, SILMMA coordinator and a senior fisheries officer at the Solomon Islands Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

“Although SILMMA has been an active network since its inception ten years ago, many activities that SILMMA planned have not been possible due to limited resources,” Mr Kenilorea revealed. “With the registration of SILMMA as a charitable trust we will be able to apply for funding and expand our work in the communities.”

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As a charitable trust, SILMMA will have access to funds to expand their work